When My Heart Talking.

I wanted only you

I can’t forget you
I just waited for you with a burning heart
As I thought of you, who is not by my side, who I can’t even hold
You have left me like this and you are smiling like that but
I still love you like this

I wanted only you and I pleaded for you
Because of you, the poison that severely spread in me
I am going crazy, I want you even more
In my heart, only you live

I erase you and erase you but I still see you
I miss you and miss you so I call out to you

Each of the welled up tears might become pain to you at some point
But because you might be in pain, because you might struggle, I erase my tears...

The world is telling me to let you go like this but I can’t
But you don’t know that, you don’t know, just like always

Even if I die, if I die, I want you


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